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Your personalised piece of art!

Welcome to my creative world, where art becomes a unique expression of emotions and memories. As a passionate artist, I offer you the opportunity to create works of art according to your personal ideas and needs.


I want to work with you to bring your visions to life and create artwork that is just right for you.  The creative process begins with a conversation where we talk about your ideas and preferences to connect with your individual style and unique experiences.


Every piece of art I create should not only look good, but also have meaning.

Whether it's a gift, a memento of a special moment or simply an eye-catcher for your home, I want it to reflect your personality.


I work with different techniques and materials to ensure that your artwork is unique. Colours, textures, shapes - everything is combined to create something that really suits you.


I invite you to talk to me about your ideas and create art together that tells your story and will be remembered forever.

King of the jungle


Lion King

This captivating lion painting captures the majesty of the king of the animal world. The proud lion, with head held high and lively eyes, is dominated by a warm color palette of earth tones. The gold mane gives the image a powerful aura, while the details emphasize the lion's powerful calm. "Royal Splendor" is a tribute to the beauty of nature and the awe-inspiring grace of this majestic creature.


Elephant dives

The painting "Elephant Dives" captures the mesmerizing scene of a majestic elephant happily diving underwater. The artwork conveys a mix of grace and power, while the surface of the water reflects the light and creates an enchanting atmosphere.

The vibrant blues of the water and the rich grays of the elephant create a visual contrast that draws the viewer's attention to the impressive animal. This painting could represent both a tribute to the beauty of nature and a metaphor for the grace and unfathomable qualities of elephants.




The painting shows an impressive scene in which four of the greatest rock legends of the music business are united: Elton John, Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. The artist has captured the characteristic features of each music icon to create a powerful and timeless depiction..

Die Farbpalette des Gemäldes ist lebendig und energiegeladen, um die Vitalität und Leidenschaft dieser Rocklegenden zu betonen. Insgesamt strahlt das Gemälde eine Aura von Musikalität, Innovation und zeitloser Popkultur aus, indem es diese heausragendn Persönlichkeiten der Rockgeschichte in einem beeindruckenden visuellen Ensemble vereint.


Baby elephant

This painting for a nursery presents a small baby elephant in the middle of a colourful scene.


The elephant happily snorts the child's name into the air with its trunk. The lettering is designed in colourful letters and makes the picture a very personal, loving and everlasting memory.


Overall, the picture radiates a loving and child-friendly atmosphere that emphasises not only the fascination with elephants, but also childlike innocence and joy. It serves not only as a decorative element, but also as an inspiring and personalised design for the children's room.

baby elephant

Now new: Wear art, live art!


Unique art on every shirt. Your style, your statement!

Discover the world of art on your T-shirt. Create your own art gallery in your wardrobe and wear your passion with pride. Bring your outfits to life and let your personality shine through creative expressions. Find your favourite piece and make it your statement. Art is not just for looking at - wear it with joy and let it inspire the world.

Each of my artworks is printed on high-quality T-shirts and signed by me. Customisable on request and available in any colour. 

Price men's T-shirt sizes S-XXL      99 €
Price ladies T-shirt size S-XL           89 €

Price kids t-shirt size 68 - 128          49 €

Price information / purchase request


Thank you for your inquiry.

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