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With my art I want to inspire people to free themselves from constraints and conventions and to have the courage to shape their lives with
self-confidence and to realize their dreams.

Artist Susann Versteegen in action

„Live Your Dream"

My art inspires people to free themselves from constraints and conventions and to have the courage to confidently live their lives and realize their dreams.

Finding out what you really want from this one life is not an easy task. Obligations and conventions keep us from being free to develop and realize our full potential. Wouldn't the world be quite beautiful, damn exciting and full of beaming faces if everyone did what she or he really enjoys?

My colorful vibrant art builds a bridge to a world where we can experience happiness and self-fulfillment without limits. The path there is arduous and exhausting, an adventure that we must face to achieve true happiness. My motifs and the choice of colors underline the measure of hope and life energy that we need for this path.

Stay open to new things and become aware of your own abilities. Let yourself be full of optimism for changes in the future. Live in the here and now in freedom and self-determination!

Live your dream!


“From gray drabness to colorful art".

Susann Versteegen was born in 1964 in the Lower Rhine region and is a self-taught artist living in the heart of the Ruhr area. Her talent was discovered in her childhood and she won several competitions as a schoolgirl. 

Her professional life initially led her away from art for many years with her training as a bank clerk. In the daily routine, however, she became more and more aware that with creativity something existentially important was missing in her life and her longing for liberation and living out her creativity became stronger and stronger. In her mid-40s, she quit her job in the financial industry and reinvented herself. Today she uses her creative potential and finds fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction in her art.

Neon colors exude joy of life and optimism
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