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Karl Lagerfeld

Art has the ability to touch people's innermost being and change their perspectives. It doesn't matter whether you look at a work of art or pick up a brush yourself, whether you listen to music or make music yourself.

Joie de vivre, enthusiasm and imagination are expressed through my colorful images. What is your passion? I want to carry you away and encourage you to get involved in the rush of liveliness.

Elephant dives
picturesque still life

My art reminds you to live here and now unconditionally, exuberantly and intensely. Do you also want to live your creativity and dedicate yourself to your passions with devotion and enthusiasm?

I love color and the thick application of paint. I use brushes and palette knives, texture paste, paper and, for example, cold glaze. I let myself be guided by my emotions. Very happy I also paint over canvases, often creating interesting structures or backgrounds.

large variety of colors on the palette
Susann Versteegen and her muse - painting

If I use a new, white canvas, it is initially designed completely without borders, freely and colorfully. Then I sketch the motif and create an individual and colorful work of art.

From gray sadness to colorful art

..... the phoenix from the ashes.

The phoenix frees itself and only has the endless wide sky above it.

No other symbol clarifies my path to art as much as the phoenix. It symbolizes freedom, courage to change and strength.

Logo Susann Versteegen - Phoenix from the ashes
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